Rail Car Storage in Harris County


Pasadena Rail has 423 premium rail car storage spots located on the south-side of the Houston Ship Channel . Pasadena Rail is West of Beltway 8 and North of Highway 225.  We are PTRA served (open access) in the heart of the busy petrochemical corridor in Pasadena, Texas.


We designed and built Pasadena Rail to exceed the highest Industrial Grade Standards.  Ensuring maximum safety and security for our chemical shipping customers tank and hopper cars is our mission. As a result, Pasadena Rail is the safest and most secure Rail Car Storage facility in Houston.

Our Core
Safety Values

  • All injuries Can Be Prevented
  • Working Safely is A Priority on Every Job
  • Accident Prevention is good business – it increases productivity and minimizes human suffering.
  • Management is responsible for providing a reasonable and safe workplace.
  • Employees are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and must follow all established safe work practices as a condition of employment.
  • Management must audit and monitor safety performances and working environment conditions.
  • Safety compliance and controlling future loss requires the participation of all Employees to improve safety awareness and prevent accidents and injuries.

861 Ethyl Corporate Road, Pasadena, TX 77503
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